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Incubators for early stage startups / projects

We think that incubators are really great initiatives for early stage ideas and startups. Apply to incubators to work closely with experienced mentors, some even provide seed financing.

  • Bootcamp by Aalto Venture Garage, Finland. 2-week program, 4 times a year
  • OpenFund, Creece. Investment €30-50K
  • Seedcamp, UK. Local Seedcamps around Europe, follow the agenda
  • TheDifferenceEngine, UK. 6 month program, £20K investment. Apply by October 3rd
  • HackFWD, Germany. For tech teams, investment for 1 year, you can work from home
  • StartupBootcamp, Denmark. 3 month program, plus investment
  • TetuanValley, Spain

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