Seminar: How to make start-ups grow?

Connect Estonia and Estonian Startup Leaders club invite you to participate an afternoon seminar about if, how and when to raise capital and when to give up.

When:    30. September, 2009at 16:00-18:00
Where:   Toompuiestee 23, Von Stackelberg Hotell Tallinn (Kaval-Antsu talu)

On the last day of September, start-up's, investors and entrepreneurs are invited to come and join the discussion about start-up fund raising. 
Come and listen at the Connect Estonia seminar and networking event, which are the tips and recommendations from the entrepreneurs who have raised funds. And whether it is reasonable or not?

During the afternoon seminar following topics will be raised:

  • Whether to find an investor or not?
  • When to raise funding?
  • How to find a suitable investor?
  • When is the moment, when one shoud give up the idea of raising funding?

Presentations will be made by Ragnar Sass (United Dogs & Cats), Jouko Vierumäki (Fromdistance).

Presentation will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A* 

One of the panelists is Matti Copeland (Northope Oy)- a Finnish active business angel, experienced growth company Board member.He has also an extensive venture capital experience from leading Finnish VC/private equity companies Aura Capital and Capman.

Participation fee
For members of Connect Estonia;
members of Estonian startup leaders Club for free.

Others 300 EEK (incl. VAT)
Max. 50 participants can take part of the event.

Please register on the website of Connect Estonia.

Dinner with Robert Gaal and Patrick de Laive on 7th October
Morning coffee with Estonian Development Fund

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ingvar, October 09, 2009
You can get presentations

Ragnar Sass (United Dogs and Cats Ltd.) „Money rising in Elbonia“

Jouko Vierumäki (Fromdistance) „Getting funded. A story of an Estonian software company“
Email again: