Shared quoting experience Quotista launches to make Facebook intelligent

Quotista is a website for collecting and sharing book quotes. The idea was first presented during Garage48 in the end of August in Tartu. Now, one month later, the first version is ready.

When did you last visit Facebook? Probably a few minutes ago. Apologies if you have never used Facebook. But when did you last read a book? Reading books is definitely more educational than reading Facebook. The books we’ve read are often pure inspiration and social media gives us the chance to inspire our friends with quotes. Via quotista you can collect and share quotes, and discover new books from intresting people. It’s a chance to fight against spam in Facebook.

“Quotista is for people who love reading and sharing,” said project leader Jaana Metsamaa. “Quotista is ready for quotes in English, in Estonian, in Portuguese, in Japanese etc. Quotista is ready for quotes from Mark Twain to Douglas Coupland.”


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