and Kristjan Otsmann in October

Next event is about TIME and HOW TO GET THINGS DONE. is cool time management software and Kristjan Otsmann is time management expert beside his other specialities.

You can find more about Kristjan on his company Selge Pilt. Definetely read the page about time management

For i just say: "1 click time tracking".

Join our event on October 8th
Kickoff event of autumn season with Üllar Jaaksoo
Dinner with Robert Gaal and Patrick de Laive on 7th October

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braden, July 17, 2012
Also look for Replicon's easy to use cloud based time tracking software solutions.
braden, July 17, 2012
Nick, August 26, 2014
I prefer Yaware. The app helps to plan the day according to my real opportuinities.
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